Featured as one of '5 Graduate Designers to watch for 2017'

The end of the year brings with it a fresh crop of fashion design graduates. And nurturing this creative talent is the Flaunter Emerging Designer Showcase.
In its second year, the Showcase is a digital platform which enables students to reach an influential audience of editors, journalists and stylists.
Flaunter asked us to choose our top five emerging designers from Australia’s best fashion schools and universities. As you'd expect, it was not easy (sooooo much talent). We took five minutes with our standouts. 
Stephanie Henly (RMIT)
If I had to describe my collection in three words, they'd be... long-stitch, re-contextualised, handcrafted. 
My collection is… a material exploration deriving from the application of the long-stitch. This challenges the traditional notion of embroidery as a flat, decorated surface. These expressions are emphasised by minimal cuts to the manipulated cloth, leaving it as an uncut piece.
If I wasn’t a designer I’d be… in a creative field. I dream of colour, form, print and pattern, so I'd need an outlet somewhere. 
2016 has been... an intense year of learning. 
Next year I’ll be… learning and gaining new knowledge and furthering my creative skill. 
My dream job is… working in high fashion, creating garments with design integrity. 
The best advice I’ve ever been given is…work smarter not harder.
I look up to… the people I surround myself with, such as my friends and family, who are all strong-minded people who are in touch with the real issues in life.

Stephanie Henly